Have you tried to draw a horse?

If yes, you must know that it is not easy. Moreover, it is one of the trickiest animals to draw. To succeed you have to capture its character, spirit and movement. And children accomplished this difficult task with ease! At the end of our session we’ve got a herd of peacefully grazing horses,

Ava, Class 4

Ava, Class 4


Charlie, Class 3


Edward, Class 3


Nicole, Class 3

several magical creatures

Emily, Class 5

Emily, Class 5


Finley, Class 5


Grace, Class 4


Sasha, Class 3

a bunch of wild-looking black horses

Ivan, Class 4

Ivan, Class 4


Jade, Class 4


Joseph, Class 5

some ready for a crusade

Jack, Class 3

Jack, Class 3

Kristina, Class 3

Kristina, Class 3

and a rearing horse with a happy knight!

Nathaniel, Class 4

Nathaniel, Class 4


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